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= Admin Change-Log = (="What's new?")
« Reply #1 on: 20161007, 20:39:02 »
In contrast to most other flotillas, we do NOT hide our activities from public, we make changes transparent
and visible to everybody, sorted by date in this Admin Change-Log = (="What's new?"):

LOG 2010-2017: show

- 20100206 - Laufen zum Ziel introduces the "BdU-station" to SEF (|DEF|'s predecessor).
- 20120128 - Laufen zum Ziel announces to build |DEF| from the ashes of...
                        ...the Subsim Enigma Flotilla, Devils Of The Deep and the Raiders Of The Deep.
- 20120201 - |DEF| is formed!
- 20121010 - Laufen zum Ziel and his team pull out from the ucoz-forum.
                        Messageboy as moderator is just too unreliable and never replies in a timely manner.
- 20130321 - NEW: DEF have finally got their own domain. Account created.
- 20131107 - The tournament approach of |DEF| - The Doenitz Elite Flotilla has been dropped.
- 20141110 - Last documented meeting of old DEF-staff: present: Ken, Kevin and Aras, apologies: Fred.
- 20150501 - Laufen zum Ziel and BL!TZKR!EG agree on how to restructure |DEF|.
- 20150511 - NEW: Howto TeamSpeak3.
- 20150512 - NEW: Howto Tunngle.
- 20150512 - [RELEASE] - [DEF]-We_are_back!.7z as a little promo-trailer.
- 20150616 - VERY SAD NEWS: Laufen zum Ziel RIP.
- 20150629 - DEF-Website respectfully suspended.
- 20150802 - Susi-Admin encourages us to restart the flotilla.
- 20150812 - Beginning reorganisation. Documented in #7, #8.
- 20150826 - CHANGED: From today, there is no more the wrong Donitz, the correct spelling is DOENITZ. Period.
                        The forum-part has already been corrected.
                        I am now in contact with the domain-operator and see if I can have that fixed, too.
- 20150828 - NEW: There is now a new one among the [TBT]-Projects: |DEF| - The Doenitz Elite Flotilla
- 20150829 - CHANGED: There will be only ONE thread per player, i.e. the actively portrayed Kommandant
                        in order to avoid be looking here and there for messages and for faster communications.
                        Everything else generates a mess as is on Susi since overview gets lost completely.
                        The thread will include for each single Kommandant:
                        BdU-welcome and announcement
                        KTB/War Diary and combat-results
                        commands and instructions/patrol-orders from BdU
                        Syntax and Format:
                        U-xxxx - type - commander - (portrayed by forum-name@DEFF).
                        The first post will be the recruit's request to have at hand a link to that player, followed by the flotilla-welcome.
- 20150902 - CHANGED: |DEF| will be attractive to both single-campaign-players AND multi-players:
                        for SP we are going to reopen OPERATION SPINNENNETZ.
                        for MP we are going to offer RUMs and SpecOps.
- 20150903 - NEW: |DEF|-Signatures for everyone. Thanks to Aras!
- 20150907 - NEW: Welcome-GFX updated.
- 20150907 - NEW: Our new TS3-sections!
- 20150907 - CHANGED: Results of both actions (SP&MP) will be recorded and merged into the "Tonnage-Table" by Aras.
- 20150910 - Worked through another 100 messages to get this forum clean.
- 20150915 - [RELEASE] - NEW: [DEF-PACK].7z
- 20150919 - CHANGED: Website is in the works. Galakev does not respond since months, so I do it.
- 20151006 - NEW: Added alpha-version of Operation Spinnennetz (by Canovaro/TBT).
- 20151007 - NEW: S3O (OS Client & OS Admin-Tool) in the works. A recode follows after completing test-runs.
- 20151008 - CHANGED: New test-site in the works:
- 20151019 - NEW: Signature-Oneliner with quick-links for everyone. READ MORE ABOUT |DEF| - The Doenitz Elite Flotilla
- 20151101 - NEW: From today we will have a new code-sheet for each month and an archive of the old ones.
- 20151102 - CHANGED: New Database-Format.
- 20151104 - Finally!! Aras is now back in the staff. Well deserved! Hos geldiniz, arkadas!!!
- 20151105 - S3O (the Admin-Tool-Part) sends two different notifications:
                        Contact report: A notification that a contact report has been processed plus a copy of that contact report
                        Status Report:  A notification that a status report has been processed.
- 20151106 - NEW: Aras and BL!TZKR!EG have summed up in a new thread.
- 20151111 - NEW: Public recruiting has now started again: [DEF] - The Doenitz Elite Flotilla invites you to...JOIN!
- 20151124 - NEW: Radio Traffic Exchange V4 now supports |DEF|. Tests running DEC/JAN.
- 20151203 - Worked through another 25 threads and uncounted messages to get this forum clean.
- 20151229 - CHANGED: Website reworked.

- 20160102 - CHANGED: New description of our flotilla as listed in Forum=182.
- 20160106 - NEW: First DEF-MONTH-Schedule ever.
- 20160113 - NEW sub-project: "SP2MPC".
- 20160115 - CHANGED: All our new |DEF|-signatures now sorted.
- 20160120 - [RELEASE] - [DEF]-We_are_back!.7z as an updated version of our little promo-trailer.
- 20160129 - CHANGED: DEF-Website updated with new .css, .html and GFX by [bl4c].
- 20160130 - NEW: NPC Account Doenitz installed and configured as User45 with acknowledgement by Susi-Admin.
- 20160201 - = Four Years Doenitz Elite Flotilla! =
- 20160202 - Sticky thread Doenitz Elite Flotilla - [GENERAL]-Talk That Does Not Fit Elsewhere cleaned and overhauled.
- 20160205 - Sticky thread Doenitz Elite Flotilla - Standard Operating Procedures (="ALL You Need To Know") cleaned and overhauled.
- 20160207 -  CHANGED: New formulas for the point-table-calculations. Totally reworked. Also many new GFX.
- 20160222 - NEW: Now S3R (=Radio Traffic Exchange Tool by EFB) is being introduced to |DEF|.
- 20160225 - Sticky thread Doenitz Elite Flotilla - Enigma Encryption - Howto & Practice overhauled (almost entirely rewritten).
- 20160229 - NEW signatures. Thanks King!
- 20160311 - "Operation Dead Weight" commencing now.
- 20160325 - Results of "Operation Dead Weight": removed 40+ threads and 200+ mails of dead weight from the flotilla.
- 20160402 - Fixed four scripts on our website.
- 20160501 - NEW: We have a new FLOTILLA-EMBLEM! Thanks to FB!
- 20160501 - CHANGED: Now GWM displays "Das-Boot-staff", our emblem and "knots-degrees-meters".
- 20160506 - NEW: signatures in 400x200px standard size.
                        They are ALL stored on our server
                        They are ALL dynamically updated with
                        U-Boot number and type
                        Kommandant rank and name
                        badges and medals
- 20160507 - [RELEASE] - UPDATED [DEF-PACK].7z.
- 20160511 - NEW: We can soon have dynamic signatures for all DEF-members. I have completed the code and it works!
- 20160526 - NEW: Our auto-generated DEF-signatures can now have different text-colors (addition to database).
- 20160531 - NEW: Our new QPFR-module has been completed over the weekend and is now in the test. See here.
- 20160601 - Fixed: After a short outage of 11 hours our Dutch affiliate-server is back online.
- 20160607 - [RELEASE] - UPDATED [DEF-PACK].7z to Edition "June 2016".
- 20160609 - NEW: Database (structured csv) created for SP and MP. Converter-code works!
- 20160610 - NEW: Pattern for HTML-Point-Table created. Code (sort array and write patterns) works.
- 20160614 - A first version of our new auto-generated HTML-scores can be seen on our our website!
- 20160615 - Added Susi-event: ►|DEF|-Wolfpack-Meeting◄.
- 20160618 - [RELEASE] - UPDATED [DEF-PACK].7z to Edition "June 2016-II".
- 20160622 - [RELEASE] - NEW FLOTILLA TOOL: DEF-Applicator V1.1.1.0b - Let's avoid trash-applications now!
- 20160625 - CHANGED: Our Point-Table is now AUTOGENERATED and ONLINE.
- 20160626 - NEW: Our new QMPR-module has been completed last night and is now in the test. See here.
- 20160703 - CHANGED: Our Point-Table is now compiled by only 4 remaining modules (merged them).
- 20160707 - [RELEASE] - Our first flotilla-video ever! -> Doenitz Elite Flotilla - Video Releases
- 20160717 - [RELEASE] - UPDATED FLOTILLA TOOL: Quick MP Reporter V1.0.12b.
- 20160721 - [RELEASE] - UPDATED FLOTILLA TOOL: DAPP = DEF-Applicator V2.1.1.22b.
- 20160805 - NEW: San Diego on SMF!
- 20160808 - [RELEASE] - NEW FLOTILLA TOOL: DEFO = DEF-Online Viewer V1.3.7.5b.
- 20160812 - [RELEASE] - UPDATED FLOTILLA TOOL: DEFO = DEF-Online Viewer V2.3.8.2b.
- 20160813 - [RELEASE] - UPDATED FLOTILLA TOOL: DAPP = DEF-Applicator V3.1.3.5b.
- 20160824 - Added new SQL.
- 20160924 - We have announced Doenitz Elite Flotilla - CAMPAIGN #01: MITTELMEER-KAMPAGNE.
- 20160927 - Reworked: ARCHIVE: GOOD OLD [SEF] - SUBSiM ENiGMA FLOTiLLA (2010-2012)
- 20161004 - Updated to 2.0.12 and installed a heap of mods.
- 20161030 - NEW: Mittelmeer-Kampagne has begun.
- 20161017 - Reworked and moved our old main-thread and updated all links.
- 20161020 - [RELEASE] - UPDATED FLOTILLA TOOL: DAPP = DEF-Applicator V4.1.4.0b.
- 20161023 - [RELEASE] - UPDATED FLOTILLA TOOL: DEFO = DEF-Online Viewer V3.5.9.8b.
- 20161030 - NEW: Our automated POINT TABLE IN CHALK!
- 20161031 - NEW: Our GEN.db has been extended: CP=x now shows in the member-editor as CAMPAIGN-ACTIVITY-flag.
- 20161103 - [RELEASE] - Newsletter
- 20161111 - [RELEASE] - Newsletter.
- 20161121 - [RELEASE] - Newsletter.
- 20161210 - [RELEASE] - Newsletter.
- 20161220 - New redirect-link:

- 20170101 - [RELEASE] - UPDATED FLOTILLA TOOL: DAPP = DEF-Applicator V5.2.5.5b.
- 20170101 - [RELEASE] - UPDATED FLOTILLA TOOL: DEFO = DEF-Online Viewer V4.7.1.0b.
- 20170101 - [RELEASE] - Newsletter.
- 20170110 - Rewritten format and code-module for userdata_SiG.
- 20170118 - Rewritten format and code-module for userdata_GEN.
- 20170131 - Updated to 2.0.13 and installed more mods.
- 20170201 - = Five Years Doenitz Elite Flotilla! =
- 20170221 - NEW: With huge help by desertstriker |DEF| has now got their own TeamSpeak-server.
- 20170222 - [RELEASE] - UPDATED FLOTILLA PACK: yet more nice signatures for DAPP, totalling to 42 now.
- 20170222 - [RELEASE] - UPDATED FLOTILLA TOOL: DAPP = DEF-Applicator V6.4.6.8b.
- 20170223 - [RELEASE] - UPDATED FLOTILLA TOOL: QPFR = Quick-PERSONNEL-FILE-Reporter V2.4.9.2b.
- 20170313 - [RELEASE] - Kiwi does not reply. Bstanko6 has now put the videos here.
- 20170326 - NEW: Sealed orders hidden in spoiler.
- 20170328 - [RELEASE] - Another video released: DEF-Video #11 - Attack Disc Training.
- 20170329 - [RELEASE] - Another video released: DEF-Video #12 - TDC Introduction.
- 20170330 - [RELEASE] - Another video released: DEF-Video #13 - Hunting By Sound 1.
- 20170401 - [RELEASE] - Newsletter.
- 20170404 - [RELEASE] - Another video released: DEF-Video #14 - Hunting By Sound 2.
- 20170409 - [RELEASE] - Another video released: DEF-Video #15 - 3 Bearing AOB.
- 20170411 - [RELEASE] - UPDATED FLOTILLA TOOL: DAPP = DEF-Applicator V7.4.7.0b. Updated #2422777 and #74/182.
- 20170424 - [RELEASE] - Another video released: DEF-Video #16 - Enigma Trigram.
- 20170506 - [RELEASE] - UPDATED FLOTILLA TOOL: DAPP = DEF-Applicator V8.5.8.4b. Updated #2422777 and #74/182.
- 20170516 - Updated to 2.0.14 and installed more mods.
- 20170521 - [RELEASE] - Another video released: DEF-Video #17 - Evasion.
- 20170522 - [RELEASE] - Another video released: DEF-Video #18 - Surviving Depth Charges.
- 20170523 - Website overhaul: CSS corrected.
- 20170524 - Website overhaul: 4 main pages reworked.
- 20170525 - Website overhaul: Menus reworked.
- 20170529 - Website overhaul: LAST CHANGE added. Can be updated by module AROS.
- 20170607 - NEW: For every |DEF|-U-Boot there is now a quick-link to its map-location (can be seen in our roster).
- 20170609 - [RELEASE] - Newsletter.
- 20170611 - [RELEASE] - UPDATED FLOTILLA TOOL: QPFR = Quick-PERSONNEL-FILE-Reporter V3.5.9.5b.
- 20170709 - NEW: For use in DEF we have a new TS3-manual, rewritten by DS.
- 20170715 - NEW: Introducing the new 600x200 signatures for all active members. Thanks RF !!!
- 20170728 - [RELEASE] - Newsletter.
- 20170808 - [RELEASE] - UPDATED FLOTILLA TOOL: QMPR = Quick MP Reporter V2.1.0.4b.
- 20170823 - Approved and enlisted: gatordad.
- 20170905 - NEW: More 600x200 signatures (more than 70!!) for all active members. Thanks RF !!!
- 20170919 - [RELEASE] - UPDATED FLOTILLA TOOL: DEFO = DEF-Online Viewer V5.9.8.9b.
                        Susi-Admins do again not help us timely with updating links (click). File is still in mod-queue
                        Correction-note: 5 days later it has finally been done - again after they had to be reminded.
- 20170929 - [RELEASE] - UPDATED FLOTILLA FILE: DEFP = DEF-Pack V5.0.0.0s Edition "16091891-I".
- 20171003 - [RELEASE] - UPDATED FLOTILLA FILE: DEFM = DEF-Music-Collection (2005-2017).
- 20171003 - Approved and enlisted: Stahljaeger.
- 20171003 - gatordad has been assigned FkMt/E.
- 20171005 - NEW: Introducing PBP = Point Bonifications / Penalties for activity and conduct.
- 20171006 - NEW: Introducing WPO = Wartime Period Orders.
- 20171007 - Approved and enlisted: Grey Eminence. A member of TBT !!
- 20171010 - NEW: Introducing DEFRDS.
- 20171011 - [RELEASE] - Newsletter.
- 20171011 - [RELEASE] - UPDATED FLOTILLA FILE: DEFP = DEF-Pack V5.0.1.0s Edition "16091891-II".
- 20171012 - NEW: Introducing QFKM.
- 20171015 - NEW: We have a new directory (finally!): Introducing MiSSi0NS.
- 20171016 - [RELEASE] - UPDATED FLOTILLA TOOL: QMPR = Quick MP Reporter V3.1.1.4b.
- 20171018 - [RELEASE] - NEW FLOTILLA TOOL: QFKM = Quick FunKMaat V1.0.0.0a.
- 20171020 - gatordad has been assigned RekrOffz.
- 20171022 - Approved and enlisted: phila595.
- 20171028 - NEW: Our GEN.db has been extended: PBP=x now shows in the member-editor as corrective value.
- 20171101 - Updating all forum-links to relative addressing. By previous staff-members the necessary information has been
                        far too much scattered over the DEFF and since then too hard to find in too many locations and too lenghty texts.
- 20171101 - [RELEASE] - Newsletter.
- 20171102 - NEW: We have a new TeamSpeak-server.
- 20171106 - Applied several corrections to our ARCHiVE.
- 20171107 - NEW: The first point table with PBPCORR enabled is visible. More code to follow.
- 20171108 - NEW: The individual PBPCORR-value is now also shown in the table. Thanks TS for that idea.
                        Modules AREC and AROS updated and extended.
- 20171111 - NEW: Introducing QTMR.
- 20171115 - [RELEASE] - UPDATED FLOTILLA TOOL: QPFR = Quick-PERSONNEL-FILE-Reporter V4.6.9.6b.
- 20171117 - Approved and enlisted: Lepper.
- 20171119 - We have announced Doenitz Elite Flotilla - CAMPAIGN #02: OPERATION PAUKENSCHLAG.
- 20171121 - MED-campaign has been closed. Summary has been published.
- 20171121 - Approved and re-enlisted: KapitanFrank.
- 20171122 - Approved and enlisted: Weasel665.
- 20171123 - [RELEASE] - UPDATED FLOTILLA TOOL: DAPP = DEF-Applicator V9.5.9.2b.
- 20171125 - [RELEASE] - UPDATED FLOTILLA TOOL: DAPP = DEF-Applicator V9.5.9.3b. Text was still showing "MED"-info :D
- 20171206 - [RELEASE] - Newsletter.
- 20171212 - NEW: Missions!
- 20171213 - NEW: OPERATiON PAUKENSCHLAG on SH4: Doenitz Elite Flotilla Incorporates SH4 with Operation Paukenschlag
- 20171217 - Lepper has been assigned RekrOffz(MEDiC) and moderator of the new FiX-subforum.
- 20171220 - NEW: now discussing EVENT MISSIONS as in XVII again.
- 20171225 - Approved and enlisted: CAREEREVIL.
- 20171226 - Approved and enlisted: Opitz.
- 20171228 - [RELEASE] - UPDATED FLOTILLA TOOL: QPFR = Quick-PERSONNEL-FILE-Reporter V5.6.9.9b.

- 20180101 -  [UPDATED] FLOTILLA TOOL: DEFO = DEF-Online Viewer V6.0.0.0b. More.
- 20180102 -  [UPDATED] FLOTILLA TOOL: QPFR = Quick-PERSONNEL-FILE-Reporter V6.7.0.0b. Now creates PBP!
- 20180103 -  [UPDATED]FLOTILLA TOOL: QMPR = Quick-MULTI-PLAYER-Reporter V4.2.1.6b. Now creates PBP!
- 20180107 - Approved and enlisted: Bleichrodt. Another old friend of my XVII-times.
- 20180108 -  [UPDATED] FLOTILLA TOOL: QMPR = Quick-MULTI-PLAYER-Reporter V4.2.1.7b. Bug fixed (wrote wrong file).
- 20180109 -  [UPDATED] FLOTILLA TOOL: DAPP = DEF-Applicator V10.0.0.0b - now with 85 beautiful 600x200 signatures!
- 20180111 -  [UPDATED] FLOTILLA TOOL: QMPR = Quick-MULTI-PLAYER-Reporter V4.2.1.8b. Bug fixed (wrote wrong string).
- 20180112 - NEW: DEF has now its own TeamSpeak-Guide: DEFT.
- 20180114 -  [UPDATED] FLOTILLA TOOL: QMPR = Quick-MULTI-PLAYER-Reporter V5.3.1.9b.
- 20180115 -  [UPDATED] FLOTILLA TOOL: DEFO = DEF-Online Viewer V7.2.0.3b. More.
- 20180117 - Approved and re-enlisted: bstanko6.
- 20180121 - NEW: now have an entry "Upcoming Calendar" that shows on the index-page what is coming up next.
- 20180128 -  [UPDATED] FLOTILLA TOOL: QMPR = Quick-MULTI-PLAYER-Reporter V6.3.2.0b.
- 20180131 -  [UPDATED] FLOTILLA TOOL: QPFR = Quick-PERSONNEL-FILE-Reporter V7.7.1.2b.
- 20180201 - = Five Six Years Doenitz Elite Flotilla! =
- 20180204 - NEW: S3MA-Pack#01 has been completed!
- 20180206 - Approved and enlisted: Hans Weber. Another old friend of my XVII-times.
- 20180207 - [UPDATED] FLOTILLA TOOL: QFKM = Quick FunKMaat V2.0.3.2b
- 20180215 - [UPDATED] FLOTILLA TOOL: DAPP = DEF-Applicator V10.1.0.1b.
- 20180224 - NEW: S3MA-Pack#02 has been completed!
- 20180225 - Approved and enlisted: Piece Blake.
- 20180306 - [UPDATED] FLOTILLA TOOL: DAPP = DEF-Applicator V11.1.0.2b.
- 20180311 - Approved and enlisted: Logan.
- 20180316 - NEW:  |DEF|  has now got a 5. Unterseebootsflottille.
- 20180317 - NEW: S3MA-Pack#03 has been completed!
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« Reply #2 on: 20161007, 20:44:03 »
How do I join |DEF|?
  Do not make rocket-science out of this simple thing! You just open this post, then click on join.
  Download that tool. DAPP - The DEF-Applicator will help you get things straight. Answer all questions therein. Again: Answer ALL questions that is!
  That tool will then create an entry in our userdatabase for you. That is all to it. Really!

How can I see who of us is online to chat or play?
  We are public. And everyone is invited to come along, step in and meet us online.
  - DEFO is made to not only watch our members but also the members of our teams and friend-clans. Try it!
  - You can also go to our website and click on COMMUNICATIONS. Then scroll down a little and find an overview on TS3.
  - NEW! An extra TeamSpeak-link has been added to the top-menu of our forum.

Can I continue my patrol or do I have to start a new career?
  YES, you can! Just have your documents transferred. We have also programmed tools that allow even "extraordinary" transfers.
  Talk to any staff-officer for more details and a helping hand.

What is the correct spelling of Doenitz?
  The correct spelling of the German name is Dönitz, but most non-Germans cannot use this special character.
  It is however not appropriate to write Donitz (as in our old domain). That is utterly wrong. A request to fix this is still pending.
  Therefore, Doenitz is the best and even accurate compromise - even Swiss-Germans write it in that manner.

How can I pick a new Kommandant (example: U-Boot was sunk)?
  That is exactly the same process as though you were joining as a new member:
  You just open this post, then click on join. Download that tool. DAPP will help you get things straight.
  Enter all the data and it will be updated in our userdatabase then.

I like the signatures that |DEF| offers for active members: Can I see which are available?
  Our signatures are publicly visible. Simply download DAPP, it presents the newest DEF-signature-pack and lets you look through all of them.

How can I promote|DEF| and invite new recruits?
  One thing is that you are asked to carry a DEF-signature as a personal banner under your postings. We will advise you as how to use it.

Which types of U-Boote can I play in |DEF|?
  Type 2: IIa, IIb, IId
  Type 7: VIIa(read how), VIIb, VIIc, VIId, U-Flak, VIIc/41, VIIc/42
  Type 9: IXb, IXc, IXc/40, IXd2
  Type 21: XXI, such as U-2511, see the list of Type XXI submarines
  Type 23: XXIII, such as U-2336, see the list of Type XXIII submarines
  Note that the Italian series 600 is only available in MP.

Do I need a special MOD to play Single Player Career or Campaign Play in |DEF|?
  Short answer: no.
  Detailed answer: You may play with any halfway decent mod that you like. For SP and CP we propose to use WAC 4.1 or GWX 3.0.

How often do I report in?
  Report in every 24 hours(real time)! on the days you play, limited to max. 1 report per R/L-day
  This is to simulate "keep radio-silence" and do not risk being detected!
  Follow the exact instructions provided how to do proper reporting.

I got something for |DEF|. How can I send that file to you?

I have got a problem with my SH3-installation - HELP!
  Use the Search-function and try to find a similar topic. In most cases your question has been dicussed before in the 10+ years of SH3.

  If you really have to create a new topic, please post a complete error description in the SuSi-forum. Try to include a screenshot.
  You will surely be helped as long as you provide details and not just say "does not work" and let everyone guess in the dark.
  Post in SHIII Mods Workshop if it is a MOD-specific-problem, post in Silent Hunter III if it is rather GENERAL.

  If you really need our help then be online on our TS3-server for a voice-talk.

I cannot play for the moment, how do I request a LOA?
  Short answer: Post such a request into your personal thread and state UNTIL WHEN this LOA shall last and DO report in at no later than that desired date.
  Detailed answer: Sometimes, real-life gets in the way of playing missions. This is understood and is perfectly acceptable. If you are going to be away,
  you can prevent yourself from being listed as "MiA" or removed from the roster by posting a "Leave of Absence" (LoA)-post to your personal thread.

  So if you are inactive, instead of having your status switch to "MiA" you will instead be listed as "LOA" (=On Leave). Thus, you can be away from the game,
  but still be registered as a participating (albeit temporarily absent) member.

  Please note that your status in terms of being "Missing" is based on your missions, not your forum activity. Thus, if you are no longer playing mission,
  but are still active on the forums, you still need to post a "Leave of Absence" notice.

  And, if you see a player being listed as "Missing" on the Results page, everyone is encouraged to send them a PM and ask them "what's up?".
  This way we maintain a community spirit and look out for those who fall by the wayside.
  It also can serve as a reminder to those who simply forgot to post their "LoA" note.

  Reporting Leave of Absence

  As stated above, if you are going to be away, you must post a "Leave of Absence" (LoA) post to your thread.
  The Subject should be either "Leave of Absence" or "LoA" or similar. You don't have to give any reasons (although you can if you wish).
  However, you must state when you intend to return. This should also be in the form "YYYYMMDD", for example "20170501".
  Please do not use anything else. Different countries use different date systems, and we want to avoid confusion.

What happens if I do not comply to the rule "one lifesign in personal thread at least once a month" after I did not request LOA?

  Short answer: Come on! This is no childcare center, this is an ELITE-flotilla. That is really not asked too much!
  Long answer:
  Members not showing a lifesign in their thread for 30 days will be
  • reminded ONCE to keep our number-one-rule "KEEP TOUCH!"
  • moved from active roster down to "AWAITING PROPER REPORT"
  • receive an "IMPROVE"-stamp on their signature so everyone can clearly see that things need improvement
   Members not showing a lifesign in their thread for max. 60 days
  • removed from active roster and put on "RESERVES-LIST"
  • receive an "INACTIVE"-stamp on their signature so that they inbox does not get cluttered (inactive members usually do not answer anyway)
  • have their thread closed and/or deleted, i.e. lose their career
  • retaining their U-Boot or Kommandant-name is not anylonger guaranteed beyond this time, another player may claim it.
  • such reservists must use DAPP and re-register again.
  • returning and/or reactivation is at the discretion of flotilla-command. BL!TZKR!EG has a veto-option on this.

What picture-hoster do you recommend?
  Use any other picture-hoster without big hick-hack and where the pictures do not expire or get lost!! Use common sense if available!!
  Do NOT use image-shack - half of the "top-cluttered forum" SUBSiM looks abandoned because most pictures are lost due to I.S.'s stupid date-expiry!
  Do NOT use photo-bucket - handling of pictures needs nervecutting ad-scripts and Flash your posts will look like nocken's here!!
  As we found out lately, postimage-pictures expire, too - that's why "KLT LARS'" thread looks so empty.

   NEW 07/2017:
    Every DEF-member now receives a MEDiAFiRE-account and it is also possible to re-link the there stored images for use in the personal thread.
    You only must be VERY EXACTLY using the "DIRECT LINK" option under "more share options".
    Detailed instructions: HOW TO USE MEDIAFIRE AS PICTURES HOST

Elite Skill Level - What's that??
  This Activity Bar is displayed under every user's avatar to encourage users to show more activity than just lurking around.
  Yes, the user has influence on this, for example by actively contributing to the forum (posting...).
  Anything below 100% indicates that the user is currently contributing "below his best".

Why is |DEF| no longer active on Susi?
  See here and draw your own conclusions: The Situation on Susi-whiners-club (formerly known as

There used to be a |DEF|-forum on Susi. Where has that gone?
  We were mobbed out solely on the basis of the accusations of Texas Cowboy Fascist, the Texas Rebel and the Texas Bass Fisher.
  When we brought screenshots to prove they were wrong, we were censored and choked off.
  See here and draw your own conclusions: The Situation on Susi-whiners-club (formerly known as

There used to be specific channels for SH3 and |DEF| on Susi's TS3. Gone too?
  Same here. First our files were deleted and we were not even given the courtesy to download them for backups,
  then a bit later our channels were removed (again without any info or contact) and now that server is gone (again...).
  See here and draw your own conclusions: The Situation on Susi-whiners-club (formerly known as

There used to be several very helpful sticky threads on Susi. Same?
  Yes. Pure vindiction - for whatever. Only one day after desertstriker announced "TBT leaving WAC 5.0" the admin-clique
  on Susi did not only choke off that thread and practically disabled my account. Only one day later ALL my threads
  (not only the one about WAC) had suddenly been unstickied and burried under the rubble of that cluttered forum. Some
  of my threads have even been deleted completely, I was not even given the courtesy of making backups from them.
  See here and draw your own conclusions: The Situation on Susi-whiners-club (formerly known as
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HOW |DEF| EVOLVED - to be reworked
« Reply #3 on: 20161007, 20:45:13 »
THE DOENITZ ELITE FLOTILLA is a group of Silent-Hunter III-enthusiasts who met at SUBSiM.
To add more immersion to our gameplay, a couple of years ago we decided to start using a “Human BdU”
(Befehlshaber der Unterseeboote – Supreme Commander of the Kriegsmarine's U-Boot Arm)
who will issue orders over the forum. This enabled us to add specific scenarios to our gameplay
and to roleplay and put ourselves into the shoes of a historic U-Boot-Kommandant.

We support single player(SP) AND multiplayer(MP)-games.

Apart of only a couple of rules, we do not force any of our commanders to use specific mod or realism.
Our first objective is to enjoy Silent Hunter III (SH3) as much as possible.


Couple years ago (2010) a small group of SUBSiM-forum-members got an idea to increase realism in their SH3-gameplay. We wanted to, as much as possible, put ourselves in the shoes of a real U-Boot-Kommandant. We named our group the "Enigma Flotilla" and posted a thread at the SUBSiM-forum telling about us and asking for recruits to join.

We had about twelve members when we first started. After about six months our members started dropping off.  At the time we were using the Enigma-simulator to send messages while we were on patrol. As everyone knows this program has a long learning curve. Eventually we only had four members left. The four of us put our heads together to discuss the mistakes we had made. We decided to disband the Enigma Flotilla led by NoGoodLandLubber and start a new flotilla.

20120106 - The Doenitz Elite Flotilla was born.

Long gone are the days of your campaign going unmonitored, we will be here to provide support, guidance and direction in times of need.

We just play SH3 at our leisure after receiving orders and send in status, contact and/or weather reports using the Enigma-simulator. It seems a bit confusing at first, but it is actually very easy once you get your simple step by step setup methods learned. We find it makes for very enjoyable time spent playing SH3. We find it fun decoding messages also. Feel free to ask any questions you have. Please use the Enigma practice thread while learning.

- learn the format of messages that were sent.
- learn to send and receive enigma messages.
- learn to use the Grid system for reporting your position.

Tired of radio messages that mean nothing?
Tired of surfing the North Atlantic just to sink ships without direction?
Tired of having no real BDU?
Tired of no real rewards for your brave exploits?

If you answered yes to any of the above you need to join the Donitze Flotilla.

We offer you a full command structure.
We offer you realistic patrol orders based on U-Boot type and experience.
Real radio messages.
We offer you a BDU headquarters through our web site.
We offer you completion with other U-Boot Commanders.
We offer you the option of using the enigma if you want.
We offer you points for following the rules and the tons you sunk.
We offer awards for outstang patrols.
We offer you the chance to be ace of the period and ace of the game.
Our contests last for three months so you have a chance to become a Ace.
We promote from within our Flotilla.
We offer you Comrads to work with.

The Flotilla used make a donation to Subsim from the overall Ace in the name of the winning Commander. During the last two deployments we have donated $50.00 to Subsim(Contest1: andwii, contest2: vonHarris), read: We have not continued this practice because the guys running that forum do everything besides appreciating our efforts.

We are the remains of flotillas that focussed too much on specific things - which is why we wanted it EASIER and more flexible, not only SP, but also MP. DEF consists of former and current members of
SEF - Subsim Enigma Flotilla
xvii - Nordfront
SS - Steel Sharks
WaW - Wolves at War
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« Reply #4 on: 20161007, 20:45:38 »
  • Read your mails! Answer your mails! Keep in touch! That is common courtesy!
  • Again: A simple one-liner in your thread as a life-sign at least once a month is NOT asked too much!
    No flimsy excuses! No ifs, buts or maybes.
  • The |DEF| is open to everyone, if you want to join then read on.
  • All players must follow the |DEF|-rules as listed here. Use common sense!
  • Any change of the |DEF|-rules and procedures is subject to approval by the staff.
[MP] - Multiplayer & Wolfpack Actions
  • You also have the opportunity to join as "Multiplayer"-player. The only explicit rules we ask you to follow are:
  • Include your EXACT DEF-forum-name on TS3/Tunngle, syntax: DEF_"name".
  • If you host, please make sure that it becomes obvious what you are hosting, call the host-server a name like either
  • I-14b-I___NO_MODS!___IDEFI
[CP] - Campaign Play
  • the reworks...
[SP] - Your Individual Career
  • Each active U-Boot-Kommandant has ONE thread for his individual [SP]-career. SP stands for "Single Player".
  • The first post on each of these threads is the recruit's request to join with the submitted "DAPP"-data.
  • This data does then not have to be repeated in the thread unless changes have been made, for instance if a commander is killed and you wish to continue
    with a new Kommandanten-name and a new U-Boot.
  • Should you have selected to take part in the current campaign, your CP-flag shows as "1". Your personal career will now follow the campaign - also in your thread.
  • For your individual career/campaign you allowed to play all mods and mega-mods as long as they do not change your sub into some unrealistic super-sub or cheat in another way. All U-Boote must be equipped halfway decent and historically.
  • You are permitted and max. 1 report per R/L day. Also NO reports in your thread until you arrive at destination-grid. This is to simulate "keeping radio-silence".
  • Adhere to a maximum time-scale of 128 when playing the game - otherwise you will finish the patrol so quickly that by the time Doenitz sees your status report, he will look out his window and already see you docking in port again!
  • You will use your thread for every communication concerning your [SP]-campaign, so check it frequently for a change of orders.
  • You will receive your orders in your thread, you will submit your KTBs in your thread, you will receive a response to your KTBs in your thread and you will
    post your patrol end reports in your thread. You may also wish to keep a War Diary with screenshots from S3C in your thread.
  • Start your patrol by requesting patrol orders in the thread that is assigned to you.
  • All Kommandanten can leave port without waiting for orders, however once the orders are issued in your thread, you are required to change
    course to the patrol grid ordered by BdU and follow these orders. This is to simulate "open the envelope at sea" as in the movie.
  • Plot your route using the quickest route. You are allowed to deviate one only grid from your assigned route.
  • You may take a longer route in case the direct route is dangerous (crossing English Channel, heavy allied air coverage, shallow waters or alike).
  • During and at the end of your patrol you are required to do proper reporting.
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= SP = Single Player Career in DEF
« Reply #5 on: 20161007, 20:46:05 »
What do you need to start playing Silent Hunter III - Single Player Career in |DEF|?

If you want to use S3C you can start your career like this:

→ create a new career with a new commander
- start from the second flotiilla in 1939 or whatever month/year our next patrol period is in
- choose a U-Boot
- then when you actually get in game and click on that career, make sure you choose the second flotilla and the year you chose in commander and you should start out of Wilhelmshaven with a that U-Boot.

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= MP = MultiPlayer-missions and wolfpacks in DEF
« Reply #6 on: 20161007, 20:48:01 »
What do you need to start playing Silent Hunter III - MultiPlayer-missions in |DEF|

If you wish to severely enhance your game-experience, then play MP-missions with us!

You will need the following configuration:
A. TeamSpeak - the basis for our real-time-audio-connections
B. EVOLVE - the UBiSoft-independent network for MP-games since UBiSoft closed their servers long ago
C. SH3 stock 1.4b - the basis for everything else
D. SH3 GWX 3.0
E. SH3 GWM (which bases on GWX 3.0)
F. no further mods (!)

The use of this configuration is mandatory because if you try to join the wolfpack-attach (i.e. MP-game) with any other
configuration than the host then your game will crash. This is a limitation by the SH3-game-engine so we needed to find
a common basis for MP and that is GWM. GWM is a mod specifically developed only for MP-games and documented in its
own thead: [GWM] - Grey Wolves Multiplayer (supported by XVII and DEF). The easiest way to play MP-games is to
create a separate installation and have that for MP-use only. This way you can keep all your mods for your [SP]- or
[CP]-game in a separate place and switch to [MP] in a jiffy - ad libitum so to say.

How all this works? Read on and follow the step-by-step-instructions given in How to get GWX+GWM going as multiple installs.
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How to report properly (="Kriegsmarine-Berichtswesen")
« Reply #7 on: 20161007, 20:48:42 »
How to report properly (="Kriegsmarine-Berichtswesen")

Historically, reports were essential in order to organize concerted attacks, so we have a simple basic rule of thumb: Any event that you think could be important or at least useful to BdU is to be reported. Some reports CAN, some MUST be submitted - in any case post them in your personal thread
  • MUST: You must use the provided |DEF|-tools, these are essential for reporting and automation!
  • MUST: confirm receiving new orders (leaving port, returning home, confirming patrol grid change etc...)
  • MUST: contact with enemy forces
  • MUST: after every engagement (battle-outcome)
  • CAN: upon any event that the U-Boot-Kommandant feels the need to inform BdU
  • CAN: If none of the above took place, once a week (ingame-date).
Fundamental elements that a historic U-Boot-Kommandant would have included with any of his reports:
  • Ingame date + time - in format: DD MMM YYYY, HH:MM or YYYYMMDD, HH:MM
  • VON: U-Boot-number - example: VON: U-156
  • AN: BdU / or FdU / or Flottillenchef x. Flottille
  • Standort: Location in Kriegsmarine 6-digit-grid-map → keep this in sync with our S3O-map!
  • Remaining fuel + ammunition
  • hull-integrity / damage
When commencing a patrol a Kommandant usually sends a departure-report
  • asking for orders (unless already received)
  • confirming received orders or having opened sealed orders
  • perhaps including nice pictures of his U-Boot leaving port
While on sea in historic reality the Kommandant would maintain radio-silence as long and much as feasible to avoid detection. To simulate this the amount of messages is limited to MAX ONE message per real life day in your personal thread -  also kept short, reduced to the necessarities of either a
  • STATUS-report (="Statusbericht") → we use S3O
  • CONTACT-report (="Fuehlungsmeldung") → we use S3O
  • WEATHER-report (="Wetterbericht") → soon included in S3O as well, follow the S3O-Thread for details!
This simulates that a Kommandant was to submit reports advising BdU of position, established contacts with enemy convoys, engagements, remaining ammunition, and weather. The U-Boot-Kommandant is to inform the BdU when leaving the assigned grid.

After returning to port a Kommandant would report personally to "The Lion" himself armed with logs, charts and notes. Copies of the U-Boot's logbooks (="Kriegstagebuch") would have been reviewed then by staff personnel with highlights and questions given to Doenitz to deal with as he pleased.

To simulate this, we use the output generated by S3C in the "Personnel_File.html" which is to be submitted by use of QPFR (soon our new S3Q-client). Every Kommandant is asked to include pictures and post screenshots in his individual thread, perhaps even telling a little background-story. This improves your thread a lot.

Each properly completed and submitted patrol-report includes:
  • screenshots of the SH3-ingame-patrol-log
  • screenshots of the S3C-personnel.file
  • a report using our new tool "QPFR" (done in less than 2 minutes)

Operation Spinnennetz is part of proper reporting!

A world-map? STATUS- and CONTACT-reports? Yes!

Notice pertaining to Campaigns and Special Orders
  • Your individual patrol orders may specify other reporting guidelines (eg, maintain radio silence until reaching assigned patrol zone, or until first enemy merchant has been sunk), which take precedence over these SOP guidelines.  Also, specific orders may be issued in your Active Kommandanten thread, which would then take priority.
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What is a 6-Digit-Grid-Map - and how to use it
« Reply #8 on: 20161007, 20:49:08 »

What is a 6-digit-grid-map - and how to use it

The Kriegsmarine (WWII German Navy) employed a very simple yet clever system for quickly locating, reporting and most importantly
vectoring its vessels (surface ships and U-boote). This was the socalled Grid-system. On this page you can see how it was
designed and used. Feel free to download the probably best chart around. If you want to have such chart INGAME, we can recommend
Tycho's GridXXXX. An altered version by Fahnenbohn is also available.

Example: You are assigned to patrol grid AE5619

Using the game map plot a course to AE.
On the large chart locate AE56 and plot course to it.
On the small chart locate 19 and plot a course to it.
You will be at AE5619 and that is more accurate.

FINDING your current 6-digit-grid-location (for your report)

To locate your own self there is this calculation:

To divide the squares into rows you need to measure the height of the square and divide it by 9.
Then you need to calculate your current distance from the top of the square.
Let’s say the square's height is 180 and you are 73,50 far from the top, i.e. 180/9= 20; 73,50/20= 3,67= 4

To divide the squares into columns you need to measure the width of the square and divide it by 9.
Then you need to calculate your current distance from the left side of the square.
Let’s say the square's width is 108 and you are 76 far from the left border, i.e. 108/9= 12; 76/12= 6,33 & round up= 7

So your 4 grid location is AM5361 (61 is the overlap of 4th row with 7th column).
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« Reply #9 on: 20161007, 20:50:15 »
OPTiONAL: Encoding with

We in |DEF| use...
  • the ENiGMA-flag("EE= x") to identify which commanders wish to participate in this experience and who do not.
    You can change your flag-status at any time: Just report in and we will update your data record in our Captains-Roster.
  • the easier "Wehrmacht-Prozedur" with the "Kriegsmarine M3 UKW=B".
  • the current real-life-date for encyphering to avoid confusion. Every Kommandant of us may be on a different timezone
    and even in another year in his game, so this is the way. For example let's say you would like to send a message to BdU
    then you must look up today's enigma-codesheet-entry (for example "Tag 06" for May 06th of 2017).
Learn how to use it using our "Howto-Thread: ENiGMA Encryption - Howto. There is also a good help-file included in the .zip-file
that explains the different procedures and yet much more.

Advices on the use of Enigma:

Always save your key (configuration) before starting encrypting or decrypting a message, this way you eliminate the need to set
up your machine twice or more on the same day. Especially useful for staff-members.

UPDATE: The QFKM-tool saves the keys and reports now.

How the Enigma machine works
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TeamSpeak & Evolve (was: Tunngle)
« Reply #10 on: 20161007, 20:51:35 »
It does not get easier than this: Download. Install. Run. And get yourself a headset !!

Teamspeak3 FOR FREE

ONE-CLICK-LINK (needs TS be installed):

If you want more detailed instructions...yes, I wrote those, too.
But the strange guys at Susi even deleted that work... See here: Howto: TEAMSPEAK3
which is why DS, GD and I rewrote it and the current version can be obtained from our COMMUNICATIONS-page.
Thanks again for NO SUPPORT and even throwing our work into the trash to NEAL "ONKEL TRUCK-DRIVER" STEVENS from Susi.
WHERE? We meet on:
  • Our TS3 - Channel: "DEF_Cantina" - if you have not got the PW, join the PORTSIDE PUBLIC LOBBY, we will pick you up!
You need a headset to talk with us on TS3, or at least a keyboard to chat per text.


|DEF| used to support and play on Tunngle, we leave that part in case their developers come to senses after screwing up their tool as described in TUNNGLE MESSED UP ONCE AGAIN BY ITS CREATORS. We recommend: How to Setup Evolve to Use for SH3 Multiplayer Online Sessions



What is Tunngle? For what do I need it?
     Taken from Wikipedia: Tunngle is a zero-configuration peer-to-peer (P2P) virtual private network (VPN) client. Tunngle is a virtual LAN application. This allows you to play LAN games with other players on the same virtual network. It is free, but you do need to register(very simple).

Get yourself an account(FREE!):
     Most probably you already have such an account.
    If not, simply visit the Tunngle Registration page and register for free!

Get Tunngle working properly:
     You must open port 11155 for incoming and outgoing TCP & UDP connections, otherwise you will not see open games or others will not see you. You must open this port on your SOFTWARE-Firewall and your INTERNET-ROUTER which most probably includes such a firewall as well, e.g. D-Link, FR!TZBOX or whatever. If you encounter any problems with this, look at the very good instructions at:

Find players for Silent Hunter III
     Upon login you find a search-box in the TOP LEFT CORNER, it is called "Network Search".
    Enter "silent" here and run the search.
    You will see a couple of networks in the result-list. Silent Hunter III is the one you will use. Right-click on it and add it to your favorites.
    If you click on this network, you join the Silent Hunter III network right away and will for sure see the first couple players on the right hand side.

Join a game For sure you will be reading how others chat and some day you will take part and for instance be invited to a game. These are the steps to take to join such a game:

    Run your installation of SH3.
    Go for a multiplayer game. This is called RUDELANGRIFF in GWM.
    This will take you to the server-list on which the open games are presented.
        Click on the one of your choice and join it using the buttons BEITRETEN, JOIN or whatever your language says.
    You will then be presented a display mentioning everything about the upcoming game.
    Welcome, play and enjoy!

Make Tunngle ad-free: Some users are annoyed by the advertisements, which eat up bandwidth. If you wish to get rid of all these ads, you may register for Tunngle Premium. Where as the basic edition of Tunngle is entirely FREE, the premium edition costs you a little money. With the current LIFETIME-PREMIUM-MEMBERSHIP-OFFER however, you only pay once 20 bucks and you are safe. Just read more and decide for yourself.
Click to join: tunngle://JoinNetwork%20Silent%20Hunter%203
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« Reply #11 on: 20161007, 20:51:58 »

Ah! You have decided to prove you are Elite and join DEF - The Doenitz Elite Flotilla... Right on, commander!

Remember to provide
all details that are asked by this tool! If you fail to answer all questions, your application is going to be ignored.
ONLY YOUR COMPLETE application will be considered by our staff and then transferred to your personal thread!

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How to get GWX+GWM going as multiple installs
« Reply #12 on: 20161007, 20:52:25 »
If your SH3 is from STEAM, run the STEAM-FIX (SFSF) first!

This will be a quick step-by-step-guide using which you get QUICKLY operational with these things:
  • A. SH3 stock 1.4b
  • B. SH3 GWX 3.0
  • C. SH3 GWM (which bases on an unchanged GWX 3.0)
  • Get S3F.

    • Make sure you have a clean SH3 stock 1.4b installation.
    • If you already have GWX 3.0 running or do not wish to play stock 1.4b then proceed to step #5.
    • Make a .zip-archive of this clean SH3 stock 1.4b installation and save it on a USB-stick or burn it to DVD.
    • A clean SH3 stock 1.4b installation is the basis for EVERY big-mod that is out there. You will need it. Promised.

    • Run S3F.
    • Select the S3M-function on the far right-hand-side and make yourself a copy of the clean stock-installation.
    • Call the new path for example "d:\Games\SH3-GWX".
    • When asked for a 3digit-combination enter GWX here.
    • Then exit S3F.

    • Make sure you have a clean installation of GWX 3.0 with no further mods activated.
    • That is: Download GWX 3.0, execute its installer "GWX3.exe" and point it to the location you have just created in the last step.

    • Run S3F again.
    • Remember to execute it as administrator.
    • Instructions in the S3F-Thread post#4.
    • Select the S3M-function on the far right-hand-side and make yourself a copy of the clean GWX 3.0-installation.
    • Call the new path for example "d:\Games\SH3-GWM".
    • When asked for a 3digit-combination enter GWM here.
    • Then exit S3F.

    • Get GWM.
      • Download it and unzip it to the new installation that you have just  created in step 2, that is maybe "d:\Games\SH3-GWM\MODS".
      • Either  you  manually create that subfolder "MODS" or it will be  created  if  you unzip  to that directory, i.e. a path consisting of the  path to   your clean GWX 3.0-installation plus "\mods" added to the end.
    • Now run S3F again.
    • Select that newly created installation.
    • Click on JSGME.
    • Activate the  mod "GWM - Multiplayer Optimised..." now.
    • This will update GWX to GWM in that very directory.
    • This will leave all other installations untouched.

    • You are now ready to play either GWX for your single-campaign or GWM for Tunngle-Multiplayer-sessions and you do not miss a stock-version of plain vanilla SH3 for other MP-games or as basis for totally different mods. For instance if you would like to add War Ace Campaign (which we strongly recommend for its ingenious campaign) then just repeat step #5 and call it "WAC".
    • Simply run S3F and select from the menu that is presented. As soon as your new  installation is run the appropriate paths will be created by SH3 itself.
    Is that cool or what!:up:
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